Trade Leads for suppliers and buyers

Receive the right Leads for your business offers worldwide suppliers and exporters the opportunity to take part in our highly targeted Pay-Per-Lead generation service. Get access to the Central European B-to-B-market and source new business in an easy and effective way. is a powerful platform serving import/export companies with qualified trade leads across Europe.

If you’re looking to grow your business and export worldwide then is an important resource you will need. Our services have been utilised worldwide by hundreds of companies to provide B to B contacts for both suppliers and buyers, creating long term business relationships that maximise profits and returns on investment.

Businesses realise that excellent, qualified trade leads are both important and fundamental to securing new business and driving your business forward in this economic climate. aim to make this process easier creating links, contact networks and business relationships putting you in touch with the global import export market place. offer a range of solutions designed to create competitive advantages for its clients in the import export market place whether that’s qualified trade leads, export worldwide, import or building a long term business network.


Trade leads

Trade leads, of the local, national and international variety are designed to help buyers and sellers across the globe to interact with each other, through effective communication leading to business relationships that are both cost effective and time efficient. As far as sellers are concerned, posting trade leads is a cost-effective method to promote products or services among prospective customers. aim to put you in contact with import export organisations worldwide ensuring the right relationship for your business is in our extensive portal. For the buyer, trade leads offer easy and quick access to trusted sellers. Thus, both parties make profitable deals through qualified trade leads. can help businesses and suppliers find genuine international trade leads. These resources provide an operative platform for suppliers, companies, manufacturers, exporters and businesses to advertise their services and locate buyers, companies and products internationally.

The internationalisation of corporations and markets has changed the way business is conducted by modern corporations. Companies now have to consider global markets and cross the boundaries imposed by national markets, if they are to compete with other global giants. aim to create the simplest method of accessing the international market place.

Although the Internet with its vast array of websites dedicated to import-export trade leads is one of the greatest business tools of this century, finding good international trade leads on the net is not that easy. This is because a large number of trade leads you find on the net are dead leads. provide one of the largest import export b2b platforms which has been developed and built through trusted sources to deliver the strongest business network and maximising the potential for qualified trade leads and opening the export worldwide gateway. Contact us for more information.